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The Grado In-Ear headphone series started at the recommendation of Jonathan and Matthew Grado. The next generation of Grados understood that the popularity of iPods and smartphones created an opportunity for higher performing in-earphones. The result of a focused design and engineering program has enabled Grado Labs to offer the iGe, GR8e, and GR10e In-Ear headphones.

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Grado GR8e In-Ear Series Earphones - Photo by Jones Studio Ltd. Grado GR10e - Photo by Jones Studio Ltd.
Grado Direct Price: $299.00

Ships to USA and Mexico

Grado Direct Price: $399.00

Ships to USA and Mexico

A proprietary wide bandwidth moving armature design from the GR10 provides the new GR8e listener with unsurpassed performance. Small size allows earphone to nestle well within the ear canal, maintaining an excellent air seal for improved bass and reduction of outside noise without causing discomfort.

The new GR8e features a bronze accent band.
Learning never ends and the new GR10e is a result of a constant desire to look at designs and materials and improve upon them. A higher level of precision, new materials and a newly developed vented enclosure allows for the performance of the GR10e to add frequency extension in both the high and low ranges as well as reducing distortion.

The new GR10e features a bronze accent band.