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  • 5 of 10 editor's top picks are Grado headphones

    Grado Headphones Dominate the Top 10 Editor's Picks

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    5 out of 10 Editor's Picks are hand-made headphones from tiny Grado Labs in Brooklyn, NY.

    Grado SR80e - photo by Jones Studio Ltd.

    The $99 Grado SR80e ranked higher than headphones costing three times as much

    Grado headphones are truly the world's finest, and 4OurEars.net is truly the best place to buy Grado.- Richard Grado

    Imagine a consumer magazine… yes, that one. Half of their top ten headphone selections are Grado headphones.

    Read the full rankings in Consumer Reports

    For years, Grado headphones have been among the best kept secrets in state-of-the-art sound reproduction, but it's a secret no more. In a remarkable feat, Grado out-ranked all of the better known brands, and was named to five of the top ten slots in America's best known consumer magazine.

    Better yet, they are all available at unbeatable prices from 4OurEars.net - The Official Grado Store.

    These are hand-made headphones, and lest you think they're prohibitively expensive consider this: the $99 Grado SR80e out-ranked headphones from Shure and Sony costing three times as much.

    Grado's phenomenal ranking is sending shockwaves through the headphone industry. No brand of headphones has ever captured so many of the top ratings at once, with Grado products in 5 of the top 10 spots on the list. The next-closest competitor had two spots. It is clear that Grado lives up to their motto "Truly The World's Finest", earning recognition as one of the most important headphone manufacturers in the industry.

    John Grado, President of Grado Labs, was understandably excited. "Here at Grado we are popping the champagne corks and toasting. The top consumer rating magazine in the world has come out with their latest list of the top home/studio style stereo headphones under $350. We are honored to have numbers 1 and 2 but flabbergasted to have 5 of our models selected in the top ten of that list. Five out of the top ten is the most any manufacturer has ever received. Raising our glass, here's to us"

    What makes Grado headphones different? They take a boutique approach to their business. Grado Labs is a family-owned operation which has worked out of the same basic facility in Brooklyn since 1953. The vast majority of their products are hand-assembled in that very same facility. While this limits the number of units in any product line, it allows them to have quality assurance levels far in excess of typical assembly-line products - particularly compared to those assembled overseas.

    4OurEars.net is proud to carry the full line of Grado headphones and other audiophile-grade hardware. As the official home of Grado products online, every purchase from 4OurEars is fully guaranteed to be an official product, and comes with the full USA warranty. With so many knockoffs and gray-market products on the market today, this is a vital distinction for consumers who want to make sure they're getting the best headphones available.

    Consumers are encouraged to visit 4OurEars.net to experience the best headphones Grado has to offer.

    About 4OurEars.net

    4OurEars.net is the official home of Grado products online. Through 4OurEars, music lovers can purchase officially-warrantied Grado headphones and phonographic equipment, and with free domestic shipping. 4OurEars is also the only authorized Amazon reseller of Grado products.

  • Apple Insider

    Hands on: Grado's first wireless open-back headphones, the GW100

    Grado is a well-known brand in audiophile circles, and one of the few companies to specialize in open-back headphones. Believe it or not, the GW100 is only their first Bluetooth model. A quick primer: most headphones are closed-back. That means that their drivers and so forth are shielded, improving qualities like noise isolation.

  • iGe3 - New in-ear headphones by Grado

    The Brand New 2019 Grado iGe3 "Iggy" Earbuds Are Here And In-Stock

    4OurEars is proud to announce that the next generation of the Grado iGe3 earbuds are here, and they are better than ever - but they're still at the same low price. Grado headphones are renowned among audiophiles for their rich sound and hand-built quality, but that doesn't mean they are only for high end music lovers. The "Iggy" iGe3 earbuds are priced at only $99, a price point that allows anyone to experience the iconic Grado sound for themselves.

    These next-generation earbuds have an updated look, with a sleek grey finish, and four separate eartips to ensure a perfect fit. Better yet, Grado has upgraded the driver magnets and transducer to present an even larger and more impressive soundstage. Improved build quality makes them an easy fit for active lifestyles, able to stand up to the wear and tear of walkaround use. In addition, the new iGe3 includes Apple-approved inline controls, ready for iPhones as well as most other brands and types of smart devices. The raised buttons are easily distinguished and perfect for no-look usage, no matter where the user might be. A built-in mic allows for phone calls, as well as Voice Assistant activation.

    The previous iGe was praised by BBC Music as "Our new benchmark recommendation under £100," and the next generation model is even better in all significant ways. Music lovers will be hard pressed to find better sound at such an affordable price, and these would be perfect gifts for anyone who wants great sound on the go.

    4OurEars is the official online home of Grado products, and should be the first stop for all Grado lovers looking for the latest in technology. When purchasing iGe3 from 4OurEars.net, you can rest assured that you are receiving 100% genuine authorized Grado products, backed by a full USA warranty, and we always have Grado products at the lowest prices anywhere.

    For decades, Grado has held a special place in the music technology industry, holding true to their "boutique" hand-assembled design philosophy. This has allowed them to remain a favorite of audiophiles. Now, these new iGe3 earbuds make Grado accessible to a much wider audience.

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    The GW100 are Grado's first wireless Bluetooth headphones ever

    Grado Labs is not a company like Anker or SkullCandy. They don't make thousands of products for every sound and every ear. Instead, Grado makes a few select headphones... hand makes them, in fact, in Brooklyn, NY... and what they do make is usually top of the line.

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    Grado GW100 Review: A Wireless Dream Come True

    After years of speculation about whether it would ever happen, Grado Labs' first wireless headphone, the GW100, is finally here. Even if they're using the same Bluetooth tech used by big box brands you might be more familiar with, they're unlike any other wireless headphone I've ever used.

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    Grado takes the wraps off their first pair of wireless headphones

    Legacy open-backed headphone maker Grado is taking their classic design into the future with the small Brooklyn company's first pair of wireless headphones. The GW100s have a familiar look, but integrate Bluetooth tech and volume controls. They go for $249. Grado headphones are a favorite of ...

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  • The never-advertised, always coveted headphones built and sold in Brooklyn

    The never-advertised, always coveted headphones built and sold in Brooklyn

    Buried in a packed townhouse on a quiet street in south Brooklyn is a manufacturing operation that produces some of the most renowned headphones in the business. Despite Yelp reviews for the business, Grado Labs doesn't sell directly from its location to consumers, though it does take the occasional walk-up request for repairs.

  • GW100 - Press Release

    4OurEars.net Announces the GW100 Headsets, Grado Labs First-Ever Wireless On-Ear Headphones, Are Now Available

    Nothing is lost except the wires. -John Grado After years of development, the legendary boutique audiophile brand Grado Labs has released a set of Bluetooth-based wireless on-ear headphones. These groundbreaking headphones are now in stock at 4OurEars.net - The Official Grado Store.

  • Cult Favorite Of Neil Young, Aerosmith, And Spike Jonze

    How A Tiny, Family-Run Headphone Maker Became A Cult Favorite Of Neil Young, Aerosmith, And Spike Jonze

    Since 1953, the Grado family has been making headphones and phonograph cartridges by hand in a South Brooklyn brownstone converted into a factory, which they've owned for nearly a century. The 18-person company, Grado Labs, has never advertised-a cultish audiophile customer base drives its sales through word-of-mouth.

  • World Premiere Review of Grado Epoch

    Grado Epoch Phono Cartridge

    The Grado Epoch Phono Cartridge has become available this August, 2017, and takes its place as Grado's supreme cartridge offering. With my hands-on experience using the Grado Statement 1 and Statement 2, the Statement 2 being one of my five current references, cartridge advances are speedily continuing, and most advances mean more expensive.

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    In fact, Grado headphones now take up five of the top 10 slots in our home/studio-style stereo headphone Ratings. Also in the mix: Bowers & Wilkins P7 ($400), HiFiMan's HE-400 ($100 cheaper than it was last year following the introduction of a new HE-400i model), the ATH-M50x ($240) from Audio-Technica, and NAD's Viso HP50 ($300).

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Grado SR60e Headphones - Photo by Jones Studio Ltd. SR60e

Upgraded driver and enlarged mass distribution.

Grado Direct Price: $79.00

Ships to USA and Mexico

Grado RS2e Headphones - Photo by Jones Studio Ltd. RS2e

Upgraded driver and the new 8 conductor cable design.

Grado Direct Price: $495.00

Ships to USA and Mexico

Grado PS 500e - Photo by Jones Studio Ltd. PS500e

Musical neutrality for the picky audiophile and recording engineer.

Grado Direct Price: $595.00

Ships to USA and Mexico

Grado Sonata 2 phono cartridge - Photo by Jones Studio Ltd. Statement Sonata2

Sonata2 model uses Grado's specially designed nude elliptical diamond. A 10% tip mass reduction compared to the Prestige series models.

Grado Direct Price: $600.00

Ships to USA and Mexico

Grado GS 1000e - Photo by Jones Studio Ltd. GS1000e

Cushion design actually creates a "room" for the ears to sit.

Grado Direct Price: $995.00

Ships to USA and Mexico

Grado GS2000e - Photo by Jones Studio Ltd. GS2000e

Mahogany and Maple combined for incredible resonance

Grado Direct Price: $1,395.00

Ships to USA and Mexico

Grado Reference 2 phono cartridge - Photo by Jones Studio Ltd. Statement Reference2

The Reference2 model uses Grado's true ellipsoid design diamond. Additional 5% tip mass reduction compared to Platinum2 and Sonata2.

Grado Direct Price: $1,500.00

Ships to USA and Mexico
Grado Statement 2 phono cartridge - Photo by Jones Studio Ltd. Statement Statement2

The new Grado Statement2 utilizes four reconfigured coils, a precision machined ultra-low mass generating system (lower than any moving coil cartridge).

Grado Direct Price: $3,500.00

Ships to USA and Mexico