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Grado Headphones Dominate the Top 10 Editor's Picks

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5 out of 10 Editor's Picks are hand-made headphones from tiny Grado Labs in Brooklyn, NY.

Grado SR80e - photo by Jones Studio Ltd.

The $99 Grado SR80e ranked higher than headphones costing three times as much

Grado headphones are truly the world's finest, and 4OurEars.net is truly the best place to buy Grado.- Richard Grado

Imagine a consumer magazine… yes, that one. Half of their top ten headphone selections are Grado headphones.

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For years, Grado headphones have been among the best kept secrets in state-of-the-art sound reproduction, but it's a secret no more. In a remarkable feat, Grado out-ranked all of the better known brands, and was named to five of the top ten slots in America's best known consumer magazine.

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These are hand-made headphones, and lest you think they're prohibitively expensive consider this: the $99 Grado SR80e out-ranked headphones from Shure and Sony costing three times as much.

Grado's phenomenal ranking is sending shockwaves through the headphone industry. No brand of headphones has ever captured so many of the top ratings at once, with Grado products in 5 of the top 10 spots on the list. The next-closest competitor had two spots. It is clear that Grado lives up to their motto "Truly The World's Finest", earning recognition as one of the most important headphone manufacturers in the industry.

John Grado, President of Grado Labs, was understandably excited. "Here at Grado we are popping the champagne corks and toasting. The top consumer rating magazine in the world has come out with their latest list of the top home/studio style stereo headphones under $350. We are honored to have numbers 1 and 2 but flabbergasted to have 5 of our models selected in the top ten of that list. Five out of the top ten is the most any manufacturer has ever received. Raising our glass, here's to us"

What makes Grado headphones different? They take a boutique approach to their business. Grado Labs is a family-owned operation which has worked out of the same basic facility in Brooklyn since 1953. The vast majority of their products are hand-assembled in that very same facility. While this limits the number of units in any product line, it allows them to have quality assurance levels far in excess of typical assembly-line products - particularly compared to those assembled overseas.

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