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Grado Labs GW100 wireless headphones are the only open-back Bluetooth headphones on the market. Why is that important? Because open-back headphones are proven to sound much better than closed-back headphones or earbuds, which dominate the market. Grado has never made a closed-back headphone because they simply can't reproduce the audiophile quality the company is known for.

Open-back has a wider sound-stage and more realistic sound and, because of their open design, they do not completely muffle the outside world so you remain safe and aware of your surroundings. On the other hand the GW100 has reduced sound leakage to the outside world by up to 60% over Grado's wired headphones.Listening to high quality audio no longer means that you're strapped a recliner in your man-cave or she-shed. Wireless headphones offer many advantages in situations where wires would be a bigger problem than escaping audio: watching TV, cooking, working in the garden. Practicing guitar from a song on your iPad is a perfect example of a time you want great sound without wires.

At $249 the GW100 is not cheap but it costs far less than one might expect for a headphone of this caliber.